The Beginning

So here's a random thing. I met Zac Efron a few weeks ago. 

I'm next to the love of my life, the Silver Fox from Catfish. 

I'm next to the love of my life, the Silver Fox from Catfish. 

I won a radio contest, and my winnings included a free flight to and from Chicago, a night in a pretty swanky hotel, a free screening of the movie We Are Your Friends, and a meet and greet with none other than Mr. Efron himself. I was perhaps more excited to meet the film's director, Max Joseph, but don't think I didn't get a little giddy about meeting the latest movie version of Link Larkin. 

Anyway, being in the line for the meet and greet made me painfully aware of how uncomfortable I am with myself. Being on a plane and having to ask for a seatbelt extender was even more heart wrenching. I've been big since I was a tween, but never big enough to need accommodations. 

My mom picked me up from the airport, and I cried in the car. I played my tears off as being due to a splitting headache, but it was a much deeper pain than that. 

I deal with a metabolic disorder called polycystic ovarian syndrome. It's like diabetes' distant cousin. I like to explain it this way (thanks to a very smart Rachelle) - in the average person, after consuming a slice of bread, blood cells absorb the glucose and send the absorbed glucose where it needs to go. In a diabetic person, the glucose arrives at the blood cells and is ignored, despite ringing the doorbell and knocking on the cell's door. The cell is looking through the window and refusing to let the glucose in. With PCOS, the doorbell is broken, and the cell is not aware of the glucose desperately trying to be absorbed. 

This makes it a lot harder for me to lose weight than your average 28-year-old woman (which is already hard enough). If I lose weight, I can get rid of or minimize the effects of PCOS. It's kind of like an unfunny joke. 

Earlier this year, I met with a dietitian (the aforementioned Rachelle), and started on a diet plan. Like every other time, I failed. I didn't fail quite as hard, but I failed.

Regardless, when my dietitian told me she was leaving the grocery store where she worked and going to a new weight loss company, I was excited. My initial appointment was Aug. 21, and it couldn't have come at a better time. 

I started initially immediately after my appointment, but I wasn't ready yet. I've gotten myself into a better headspace, and I feel prepared to tackle this challenge. 

I've tried starting a blog since I graduated with a journalism degree 6 years ago, and this feels like the perfect opportunity to have something to write about. 

I start Sunday, and I will be chronicling the entire journey. I'll let you know how Day One goes. 

- Sarah Bee