Dealing with issues...

Hey! It’s been a while. Sorry for my absence, but I was dealing with some stuff.

In some ways, the last six months have been awesome. I’ve had great times with friends, I’ve accomplished a lot at work and school, and I feel like I’m continuing to learn about myself and what I like to do (aside from work all the time, ha). 

In other ways, the last six months have been pretty brutal. I’ve been dealing with some health issues that have made me feel like somewhat of a failure. I had set all these goals for myself, and I was feeling like I failed myself and those rooting for me every single day. My PCOS reared its ugly head, and went full on Medusa.

Toward the end of fall, I was dealing with intense cravings. I was hungry all the time, and it is really hard to ignore constant hunger. I knew mentally that I didn’t need to eat, but my body was telling me otherwise. 

I took a trip to the magnificent and lovely Dr. Amy Brose (a doctor I will recommend to ANYONE who asks), and she put me on Phentermine, an appetite suppressant and stimulant to try to curb my hunger. At first, it was incredible. I started taking it in mid-December, and I lost 12 pounds in my first month. I had tons of energy, I was concentrating better at work, and was just having a great experience, other than a racing heart from time to time. 

Now, if talking about lady issues skeeves you out, please skip the next section until you see the word “OKAY!”

On January 4, I got my period. It didn’t stop until about four days ago. Yeah, it lasted three months. Three terrible, cramp-filled months. I was getting pretty pissed at Eve through that time period (ha, Bible humor).

I knew weight loss could impact cycles, so I thought maybe my 12-pound reduction had something to do with it. Then more weeks passed, and I thought my fairly intense workout regimen I started just before the New Year impacted it – so I stopped working out all together to see if it would help.

Through all of this, Dr. Brose was incredibly busy, so I visited her colleague Dr. Emily Lott (also an incredible lady). She sent me immediately over to the medical imaging place in their building to get an ultrasound to make sure there were no cysts or endometriosis, or anything else insane.

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, so I went and got blood work done. My female hormones were at pre-pubescent levels, so that sparked some concern. I was referred to a gynecologist.

I had already been calling gynecology offices, practically in tears, for the weeks leading up to this referral. Did you know most gynecologists can’t get you in for an initial appointment without a month’s notice? It’s true. The office that Dr. Lott referred me to told me (at the end of February) that I could see a female doctor on March 28. MARCH 28! I called other offices (in tears) and found one that could get me in the following week with a Nurse Practitioner.

I have an intense amount of respect for NPs. My sister-in-law is an NP – they’re incredible. However, the one I saw sucked. She said my hormone levels were that way because I was on the Pill (oh yes, did I mention that? I was on the Pill to treat my PCOS through this whole ordeal. Yes, something that should have been controlling my cycle was doing nothing at all). She changed my Pill prescription and said she’d see me in three months.

I was not about that life. Nope, not at all. I waited anxiously until March 28, when I could get in to see Dr. Mary Clare Reardon at Northland OBGYN. She was such a blessing to me. She took time with me, talked to me, didn’t judge me when I started tearing up talking about everything. She gave me options, and I was ultimately put on Progesterone, and was advised to stop birth control all together.

She basically explained that my body was trading off shedding each uterine wall every single week. Stupid body.

I started Progesterone April 2 – I was supposed to start April 1, but was going out with friends, and didn’t know what effect it may have. Let’s take a look at some of these side effects listed. Stomach upset. Changes in appetite. Weight GAIN. Edema. Fatigue. Acne. Drowsiness OR insomnia. Headache. Depression. Irregular bleeding. I was skeptical, to say the least. The worry was exacerbated by the fact that I got a full-on period the day after I started, so that was no fun.

Four days later, though, I STOPPED BLEEDING. I stopped bleeding! I couldn’t believe it. 2016 had been a mess so far, and it was finally better!

OKAY! If you wanted to skip over all the lady issues, you can join us again!

Through all of these issues, the Phentermine stopped being effective. I really couldn’t feel any difference anymore. I went to see Dr. Brose on Friday, and shared my concerns with her. The scale reiterated what I said. She said that can happen, and recommended a few other options.

I ultimately settled on a medication called Contrave. It’s a mixture of an anti-depressant and a medication given to drug addicts to help them get over the addiction. I don’t have it yet – there are some problems with my insurance – but based on what I’ve read, I’m really excited to get going on it.

Side story – the last time I went to the gym from that moment until yesterday was probably a month and a half ago, when a thin, older, obviously yoga-doing lady stopped me after my circuit and said, “You are such an inspiration.” I smiled on the outside, but I was mortified on the inside. I went to my car and cried. I thought of myself as some sort of freak show. “Oh, look, the fat girl is working out. What an inspiration.” Ugh, so frustrating.

Anyway, that’s enough about my problems. Let’s talk about some of the fun things I did over the past several months.

I went to a campfire at the Cable's house and had an awesome time with incredible people!

I went to Wisconsin with Carrie and saw some of my favorite people! We stayed at a super cute house and I made breakfast for Amy and her adorable daughter. 

I dressed as Beetlejuice for Halloween!

I watched the Kansas City Royals win the World Series, and I attend the Victory Parade/Rally with friends!

I visited Minneapolis to see my best friend Ashley Jo Bronk! (no pictures of anything but donuts - not conducive to the tone of this blog)

I threw a Friendsmas party with my best friends in attendance!

I decided to go to my work's Christmas party at the last minute, and had a great deal of fun!

I met Marco Rubio at a rally in March! May his campaign rest in peace...

I, along with my friends Amanda and Rebecca, got to pay for people's breakfasts and lunches with my work's money in honor of my work's 65th birthday!

Thank you for your patience while I figured out my problems. I will be back stronger than ever now that I have my health somewhat under control.