So, I know I said I would talk about fitness today, but something more important has come up!

Aside from a quick photo session for a church directory in an empty classroom last year, I hadn't posed for a professional picture since the summer before my senior year of high school. 

Back at that session in 2004, I was asked to bring things that were significant to my high school experience. I brought a copy of the school newspaper, and my choir letter. 

Yes, I lettered in choir, and yes, I hung the letter on my wall next to a poster of Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Yes, I lettered in choir, and yes, I hung the letter on my wall next to a poster of Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean. 

For about an hour, I awkwardly posed with those objects, as well as an uncomfortable chair and a fake door in a photo studio. 

As I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the prints, I was sure that I would look like some sort of model wearing the respectable blouse my mom made me buy from Kohl's. 

Here's an example of one of my senior portraits. I call this one I Am So Over Wearing Nice Clothes And Posing.

I didn't look like a model, but I did look nice. I was pleased as I exchanged pictures with all of my friends. (Side-note: Does anyone still have pictures in their wallet? I kept a stack of about 12 senior pictures where money was supposed to go until halfway through my freshman year of college, then scrap booked them). 

Even though the experience was overall pretty OK, I had no desire to do any portraits until I got engaged or married. That is, until I decided to lose weight and saw the amazing skills of Lacey of Lacey Rene Studios.

Lacey moved to town a few months ago with her husband Michael, when he took on a family pastor role at my church. I remember being at church on a Wednesday night and being so excited when Ritchey announced the Morefields' impending arrival. He told us a little bit about the two of them, and mentioned that Lacey is a photographer. After I had met them in person, I felt comfortable Facebook stalking them and saw her work. I was totally blown away by her use of light and her capturing of real emotions. I could tell she made people incredibly comfortable during photo sessions. 

I had seen quite a few before photos that were mirror pictures or were not at all flattering. Even though I want look better than I do now, I also want to capture who I am at this moment where I've made a tough decision to change my life. I think there is a lot of beauty in that, and it warrants more than a selfie. 

So, on August 9, I messaged Lacey on Facebook, and said,

Lacey responded that very afternoon with enthusiasm and pricing options and describing how honored she was to do it. 

On Sept. 5, we met in the parking lot of Good Ju Ju in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, and she used her skills to photograph me for about 20 minutes. I am so happy with how these turned out! :-) Thank you so much, Lacey! I am so happy and honored to have you in my corner.